The Judges of England - Feliks Topolski (Unframed Print)


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The Court of Appeal judges - Lords Evershed, Upjohn and Pearson, drawn by Royal Academician, Feliks Topolski.

Feliks Topolski drew this picture in 1961 as part of a series called 'Legal London'. Master alike of giant murals and 'small scribbles', as he called them, Toploski was described by Bernard Shaw as "an astonishing draughtsman." His pictures are highly collectible and remain as vivid and relevant today as when they were drawn nearly a half-century ago.

You can see all the prints in this series by typing the word 'Topolski' in the Search box of this site.

The 'Legal London' book, which contains all the Topolski prints, has long been out of print, but Carbolic Smoke Ball occasionally comes across copies in dealer catalogues, which it offers for sale to keen Topolski fans.