The Apostrophe Protection Society (Medium)


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Dont you just hate it when people cant seem to get the hang of the humble apostrophe? Every week we see literally 100's of examples of it's improper use. Signs', book's and even newspapers' have been known to get it wrong. Its not bloody rocket science!

Use in the event of substituting a letter or letters (such as "can't" for "can not"), or in the possessive (except the possessive of "it"). Do not use for plurals. In the case of a possessive plural, the apostrophe goes after the s. Now write that out a hundred times

High-quality, heavyweight, 100% cotton t-shirt, featuring:

2.3cm knit collar
- shoulder-to-shoulder taping
- fine gauge knit
- front coverseaming on collar
- tubular body construction for shape retention

Size Information:

Small: 37-38" (95cm)
Medium: 39-40" (100cm)
Large: 41-42" (105cm)
XL: 43-44" (110cm)