Roller Blotter


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Frustrated at not being able to find a roller blotter in any pen shop, Carbolic Smoke Ball Co. decided to commission one for itself. We were determined that it should be made in Britain from native wood. We found a master woodturner in the midlands and the brief we gave him was that it should be made from solid wood with no veneers, have clean lines, be smooth to the touch, hard-wearing and that it should be easy to change the blotting paper.

He did us proud, coming up with a simple but handsome blotter, made from solid English walnut. It looks and feels fit-for-purpose, honest, classic. The blotting paper is easily replaced by a screw mechanism which releases the base from the casing, and which can then be retightened after new paper has been inserted.

Heaven knows whether anyone will be making roller blotters in 20 years time. Future generations will probably wonder what they were for. If you're one of the dwindling band of fountain pen users, treat yourself to this fine piece of British craftsmanship while you still can.