Lawyer's Lightbox


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This lightbox is brilliant fun.

The box comes with 85 letters and symbols which you slide into 3 lines, then the light in the unit lights them up in a glorious cinematic display.

Use your imagination to compose the message you want. It could be as simple as 'I LOVE YOU', or 'HAPPY BIRTHDAY TOM' or it could be something more subtle. When you switch on, whatever you've written leaps out like a cinematic headline.

The great thing about the lightbox, of course, is that if you're giving it as a present, you can compose a message for the person you're giving it to BEFORE you wrap it. So when they unwrap it, and turn on, the message is right there.

When the message has done its stuff, you slide the letters out and put it away til the next occasion or - much more likely - you'll have a lot of fun coming up with another message.

The lightbox works on 6 AA batteries (not supplied) or a DC adaptor which you can buy separately from us at half the normal price (click on the picture below).