Judge Doorstop


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For 4 months in the summer of 2017 Carbolic Smoke Ball worked with Fine Cell Works - the charity which employs Her Majesty's guests in Wandsworth and other establishments. Our project was the creation of this fabulous High Court Judge doorstop.

The judge is 14" tall and weighs 1.73 kilos - quite enough to keep a robing room door ajar. The material used for his body and base is muslin, on to which are sewn wild eyebrows, moustache and a bright red nose. The glasses are brocade, again sewn on by hand, and the downward-looking eyes are embroidered cotton. The wig is ribbed to look authentic, and the robe itself is a beautifully soft cotton in exactly the right colour. The doorstop is filled with sand.

So few products in life are unique and original. Here is one. The fact that it is made by serving prisoners - paid for their labour and learning skills which will stand them in good stead on release - makes the Judge even more compelling, in our view. Only 25 are being made in our first batch.