Jotter of a Plotter notebook


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The cover of this notebook depicts four of the plotters of the 1605 Gunpowder Plot - Guy Fawkes, Thomas Winter, Robert Catesby, and Thomas Percy. Fawkes and Winter were hung, drawn and quartered outside the Palace of Westminster which they'd tried to blow up. Catesby and Percy fled London but were pursued by the Sheriff of Worcester and died in a fight at Holbeche House in Staffordshire. Their bodies were exhumed, decapitated and their heads put on a spike in Westminster.

The notebook contains 70 pages (140 sides) of high quality, unlined cream paper and is suitable for both sketching and writing.

Right Note stationery is designed by Richard Sawers, an Australian who settled in Devon. His style is gloriously individual. In his own words:

"Uber-cool little black books are all well and good but are not really in our line of country. We prefer products that project a positive personality - sometimes eccentric, certainly colourful, often amusing and carrying bags of character. Chic and sleek? Not on our watch."

So, you can be one of millions toting a Moleskine (and for that matter, a Mont Blanc pen to complete the look). Or you can be a bit different and grab yourself one of Richard's unique designs.