Carbolic Smoke Ball Advertisement (Framed Print)


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Carlill vs Carbolic Smoke Ball Co., is probably the most famous case in English contract law. The facts were thus:

In 1892 The Carbolic Smoke Ball Co. advertised a ᆪ100 reward for anyone who used its Smoke Ball and yet contracted influenza. When a certain Mrs. Carlill claimed the reward, the company told her that it considered her claim "impertinent" and referred her to its solicitor. It insisted that the offer of ᆪ100 was mere marketing 'puff' and not intended to give rise to a contract. She argued that it was a genuine offer which she had, by purchasing and using the Smoke Ball as advertised, accepted.

Mrs Carlill won the case and the rules of 'offer' and 'acceptance' were established as a precedent in contract law.

The company subsequently folded, while Mrs Carlill lived to the ripe old age of 96, dying in 1942 - mainly of old age but also, according to her doctor, of . . . influenza.

This picture is reprinted from an original Carbolic Smoke Ball advertisement. It is supplied framed with an attractive cut-away mount and measures 18" x 14".