A Round Tuit Coaster


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How often have you put off a chore, saying "I'll do it when I get a round tuit"? Or had to suffer the same excuse from a colleague at work or from one of your children?

Now, at last, you have the answer to those lame excuses. A genuine Round Tuit, made from ceramic and fitted into a handsome mahogany base. It is the ideal coffee mug coaster, but better than that - it is a constant reminder that putting things off never solved a problem.

Tuits are hard to come by, especially the round ones. Carbolic Smoke Ball has been searching for them for years. We eventually came across this one at Hatfield Craft Fair, where we met Brian, a woodturner from Kent. Brian gave us one of his Tuits, which was passed around our office, and productivity instantly improved.

If procrastination is an issue in your home or office, get one of Brian's Tuits. It worked for us!